Chai Central
Hebrew School

Ages 6-14


Our School

Chai Central Hebrew School offers an education and memories that will inspire children for a lifetime. We create an environment that fosters creativity and supports your child’s unique style of learning. Our curriculum instills pride, a sense of history, and a genuine understanding of what Judaism is all about.  Mutual tolerance and respect for fellow human beings are taught as basic principles of the Jewish faith.

Shofar Factory, Model Matzah Bakery, field trips, hand-on educational workshops as well as games, drama, songs, parties, and arts 'n crafts are blended with the curriculum. This will ensure that your child will receive a stimulating educational experience in a fun and exciting way.

Our program is designed for elementary school-age children (ages 6-14) who are otherwise not receiving a formal Jewish education.

The Atmosphere

At our Hebrew School, we strive to stress the beauty and warmth of Judaism and its Mitzvot. Our students are able to explore and discover the beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of joy and warmth.

Hebrew Reading

Students and teachers are very excited about our innovative, cutting edge Aleph Champ program based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels. Students start out as “White Aleph Champs”, working their way up the colors to be a “Black Aleph” like their teachers. Students have color-coded bookmarks which earn stripes as they progress in their reading level – keeping the goals clearly defined and making Hebrew reading fun.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

As a boy or girl approaches the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, preparations for the big day begin. Our course on basic Jewish traditions and Bar/Bat Mitzvah training includes stimulating discussions and presentations on intriguing areas of Jewish life. These sessions will provide the child with valuable information that will prepare them for a most meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah. 
Girls cover a selection of Torah portions and prayers, create a speech which includes their Torah portion/Parsha and an explanation of its deeper meaning, and details of how the mitzvah of lighting the Shabbat candles is fulfilled. The boys learn how to put on their Tefillin, the Brachot for the Torah, and tune for the Haftorah.
Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah training course will include assisting your child in preparing an appropriate Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech. Each child will be provided with an outline and guidelines with which to create his/her speech.


General Hebrew School Information

General Hebrew School information:

Ages: Boys and Girls 6-14

Dates: September – May
Hours: Sundays, 9:30am – 12:00pm